Month: March 2017

  • Monthly Notes 17

    Successful Software development is about good practices, agile methods and also ethics, interpersonal and leadership skills as the Fowler’s story from Über shows us. You can’t achieve great things without well working team, also on personal level. And what comes to actual development it’s good to remember that you shouldn’t over-engineer.… Jatka lukemista →

  • Nebula Tech Thursday – Beer & DevOps 2.3.2017

    Nebula Tech Thursday – Beer & DevOps 2.3.2017

    Agile software development to the cloud can be nowadays seen more as a rule than exception and that’s also what this year’s first Nebula Tech Thursday’s topics were about. The event was held 2.3.2017 at Woolshed Bar & Kitchen alongside good food and beer. The event consisted of talks about “Building a Full Devops Pipeline…