The Rule of Tech is a simple blog with topics from the world of technology and computers. Technology is more and more important part of our daily lives and you could say it kind of rules us. It isn’t hard to imagine a world without technology but it would be strange.

Business as usual

The blog is written by Marko Wallin, a multipurpose geek from Finland with passion for software development, technology and user experience. His main area of expertise is Java EE software development from design to implementation in front-end and back-end including database programming and web services. He also likes to play with Linux servers and thinks about devops. And when he is not gathering knowledge and new skills he does different kind of sports activities such as mountain biking. He also spends time with being lost in the worlds which console games and fantasy books create.

Rule of Technology.

Email: marko.wallin [at] iki.fi
IRC: walokra @ IRCnet
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Blogs: Verteksi (Finnish), Rule of Tech (English)