There was a discussion about what software and hardware people use and people have made “/uses” pages for that purpose. And inspired by Wes Bos /uses from “Syntax” Podcast here’s my /uses page.

Editor + Terminal

Desktop apps

Software development specific tools


  • My webcam for video conferences is Logitech StreamCam as it has USB-C connectivity
  • Often though I use just the Macbook Pro 16″ Web Camera.
  • Using the mic from the StreamCam or Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones

Development services

Desk setup

Work desk
  • My monitor is Dell UltraSharp 38 U3818DW with 3840 x 1600 at 60 Hz on AmazonBasic Desk Mount
  • I currently use a 2019 13″ MacBook Pro 2,8 GHz Quad-Core i7 with 16GB memory (and it’s not quite enough sometimes) retired 06/2022
  • I currently use a 2021 16″ MacBook Pro 2,6 GHz 6-Core i7 with 32GB memory
  • I currently use a 2023 14″ MacBook Pro, M3 Max, 16 CPU, 40 GPU, 48 GB memory and 1 Tt SSD.
  • MacBook is powered by the Dell monitor by USB-C cable which also distributes the picture (one cable rule)
  • MacBook sits on a Griffin Elevator stand but will be moved to a laptop arm
  • Between MacBook and Dell is Raspberry Pi 3 running Pi-Hole
  • I filter ads and other trash with Raspberry Pi 4 running Home Assistant with AdGuard Home
  • My home automation and other stuff is run on Lenovo ThinkCentre m702q running Proxmox with containers for Home Assistant and Pi-Hole
  • For optical disks there’s Asus ZenDrive SDRW-08U9M external DVD+/-RW drive
  • Sounds are provided by Genelec G One active speakers and managed by iFi nano iDSD Black Label
  • I sit on Salli SwingFit saddle stool
  • Light is by Eyocean LED Desk Lamp
  • My desk is an used Isku classic electric table
  • The keyboard is Apple Magic Keyboard and mouse is Apple Magic TrackPad 2
  • Off the picture there’s a custom built mini-ITX HTPC (Finnish writeup)
  • I use Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U904 for occasionally Windows related development and testing

Other gear

  • For occasionally commuting to the Metropolitan area I use the Boundary Errant pack
  • I listen Podcast with Apple AirPods or Apple Airpods Pro (2nd gen) when on the go.

Tools I found when going through /uses

  • Patterns for working with regular expressions.
  • Bear for note taking (have considered this also before)
  • Paw for testing and describing the APIs you build or consume
  • Timing for recording your time automatically