There was a discussion about what software and hardware people use and people have made "/uses" pages for that purpose. And inspired by Wes Bos /uses from "Syntax" Podcast here's my /uses page.

Editor + Terminal

Desktop apps

Software development specific tools

  • SourceTree for Git GUI, it works but not perfect
  • pgAdmin for viewing PostgreSQL databases (dockerized because network so i.a. DBeaver doesn't cut it)
  • Postman for API endpoint testing and development
  • for diagrams
  • Robo 3T for MongoDB
  • Toggl for time keeping
  • Docker for containerized builds and apps
  • Dev Cleaner to clear everything from Xcode
  • Boop for encoding and decoding text stuff


  • My webcam for video conferences is Logitech StreamCam as it has USB-C connectivity
  • Using the mic from the StreamCam or Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones

Development services

Desk setup

Work desk

Other gear

  • For occasionally commuting to the Metropolitan area I use the Boundary Errant pack
  • I listen Podcast with Apple AirPods when on the go.

Tools I found when going through /uses

  • Patterns for working with regular expressions.
  • Tower for Git GUI, also Fork and GitKraken
  • Bear for note taking (have considered this also before)
  • Dash for API documentation browser
  • Paw for testing and describing the APIs you build or consume
  • Timing for recording your time automatically