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  • Best Practices for Version Control in 8 steps

    Best Practices for Version Control in 8 steps

    Using version control is an essential part of modern software development and using it efficiently should be part of every developer’s tool kit. Knowing the basic rules makes it even more useful. Here are some best practices that help you on your way.

    tl; dr;

    1. Commit logical changesets (atomic commits)
    2. Commit Early, Commit Often
    3. Write Reasonable Commit Messages
    4. Don’t Commit Generated Sources
    5. Don’t Commit Half-Done Work
    6. Test Before You Commit
    7. Use Branches
    8. Agree on a Workflow
    Simplified Git Flow
    Simplified Git Flow (source: buildazure)

    Commit logical changesets (atomic commits)

    A commit should be a wrapper for related changes.… Jatka lukemista