Looking back, planning ahead

Again a year has passed and it’s time to take a short look back and plan for the next year. A year ago I wrote that in the year 2012 the blog would be more active and I partly managed to keep up that promise with 9 articles. Not quite at least an article per month as I planned.

The articles in 2012 started with technical issues like running Crucible as a service, JSF 1.2 and value from dropdown menu and using CAcert.org signed certificates for TLS. In the Autumn as a Fujitsu LIFEBOOK4Life Insider I reviewed Stylistic M532 Android tablet and wrote about my visit to Fujitsu Forum 2012. There were more technical issues to write about software development but again the time ran out. It’s so much easier to say couple of words in Twitter or Google+ than write a coherent and insightful post about it :)

The year 2013 is almost here so it’s time to plan ahead. There are already some articles about Apache Wicket and running different development tools on Linux in the backlog waiting to be finished and some technical tasks like upgrading the theme and maybe changing the VPS provider are to be done. Will see if I manage to achieve one article per month so subscribe to the RSS feed and stay tuned.

Happy New Year!





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