Short notes on tech 10/2022

Week 10 of 2022

Web development

The State of JavaScript 2021 Survey Results
“69% use TypeScript; React held the top spot for 6 years; Vue.js is on track to overtake Angular as the second place framework; 2021 has been the year of Vite with 98% satisfaction.” (from WDW)

The baseline for web development in 2022
“Now that Internet Explorer seems to die really in June this year, so now we should focus on low-spec Android devices, older Safari versions or slow networks.” (from WDRL)

Caching Header Best Practices
“Understanding caching is still one of the harder parts of the web and often disregarded.” (from WDRL)


Buildpacks vs Jib vs Dockerfile: Comparing containerization methods
(from DevOps weekly)

Just say no to :latest
Good reminder why :latest is bad practice.


Series: Unpacking Interview Questions
“A series sharing some of the questions I use when I interview for technical roles. I’ll unpack the question, when to ask it, and how to evaluate answers.”

Something different

How Ikea tricks you into buying more stuff






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