Short notes on tech 22/2022


GitLab’s Guide to All-Remote
Good writeup of remote work in GitLab, i.a. it’s benefits and drawbacks and tips to better remote.


Honeycomb’s O’Reilly Book Observability Engineering
“Achieving Production Excellence by Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones, and George Miranda”

Set up a Terraform Pipeline with GitHub Actions and GitHub OIDC for AWS
A walkthrough of a Terraform pipeline setup. Most interesting for the use of OpenID Connect to remove the need for persistent credentials for AWS. (from Devops Weekly #590)

Terraform Best Practices for Better Infrastructure Management
Post which explores different best practices for Terraform and Infrastructure as Code, analyzes various options for handling and structuring Terraform projects, and shows how adopting helper tools could make our life easier. (from Cloud Security Reading List)

Observability 4 JVM Frameworks with Grafana in Java and Kotlin
(from Devops Weekly #591)


A Review of the AWS Security Model
AWS have released their own security maturity model, but does it stack up against what we’re seeing in real-world attacks and in the approaches being suggested by the rest of the AWS security community? (from Cloud Security Reading List)

Security Overview of AWS Fargate
Amazon’s own security overview of Fargate, which is helpful for new adopters and deepens understanding of Fargate for current users. (from Cloud Security Reading List)






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