Short notes on tech 31/2022

Software development

How to explain technical architecture with a natty little video
Some thoughts on explaining architecture through diagraming, in particular the advantage of scrappy videos to show diagramming step-by-step. (from DevOps Weekly)

What Are Vanity Metrics and How to Stop Using Them
Measurement and metrics are an important part of devops practices, but establishing metrics always risks issues with vanity metrics. This post explains what they are and how to avoid them.

Chrome DevTools: 10 Useful Tips & Tricks
Various tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Chrome DevTools
(from Web Design Weekly)


Awesome Cloud Native Trainings
“All the free trainings (with and without certificates) released from different companies supporting CNCF Projects and Kubernetes.” (from CloudSecList)

The Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, and AWS crash course series
“High quality learning material is hugely useful given the large number of technologies relevant to modern software development and operations. This set of crash course posts on Docker, Kubernetes, AWS and Terraform look super useful for anyone just getting started.” (from DevOps Weekly)


“An Electron alternative, written in Rust under MIT or MIT/Apache 2.0 license. The advantages of Electron combined with a fast, modern and secure base makes this a really cool project to consider for multi-platform apps. And the list of partners and sponsors makes me confident that it’ll stay at least for a while on the market.” (from WDRL)


Kubernetes 101
Kubernetes is one of the most exciting technologies in the world of DevOps. The article explains the concepts of it and some simple examples.

Minimal Container Images: Towards a More Secure Future
This post walks through the typical approaches in this space: minimal distributions, scratch and distroless. (from CloudSecList)


Every programmer should care about UI design
“It’s way more common for people working on iOS/macOS projects to care about design than with some other platforms, but I still come across an occasional “I don’t need to care about it“. The points raised by this article are certainly worth reading if you’re in that camp!” (from iOS Dev Weekly)

UI Filler
Placeholders for your designs.
(from Web Design Weekly)


Awesome iOS widgets
A curated list of home screen widgets for apps on iOS 14!






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