Short notes on tech 5/2022

Software development

How to tame the devDependencies of your project?
tl;dr; Use mrm.

"tRPC allows you to easily build & consume fully typesafe APIs, without schemas or code generation."

Cypress vs Selenium vs Playwright vs Puppeteer speed comparison
tl;dr; Playwright is faster vs. Cypress. There's a good thread of Playwright vs. Puppeteer and about Cypress in the side on Hacker News.


How not to learn TypeScript
"Some mistakes people do when getting started with TypeScript." (from WDW)

Stories from the field

How I Got Pwned by My Cloud Costs
Troy Hunt keeps "Have I Been Pwned" service in Azure and is experienced with cloud but things doesn't always go like planned. Good story of setting safe guards. (from hackernewsletter)


"Find and copy special characters to your clipboard." (from WDW)


7 front-end interview processes I did in December 2021
"Several lessons and what front-end interviewing looks like today. Useful for those in search of a new job and teams who are looking to hire." (from WDW)

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