AI Forum webinar 13.4.2023

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and couple of weeks ago Haaga-Helia organized “AI Forum webinar: Experiences of top companies on artificial intelligence” which had four interesting company representatives, from companies that develop and apply artificial intelligence, sharing their expertise and experiences on today’s topical AI themes. Here’s my short notes from the presentations. Unfortunately the webinar recordings are not available.

From Data to Decision: How to Determine if AI is the Right Approach for Your Problem

Vili Hätönen, Data Scientist (Emblica) talked about data, can the problem be solved with AI, showed some example applications (detecting alien plants) and how to evaluate if AI is the right approach.

Työmarkkinatori AI-services

Heikki Niittylä, Data Scientist (Gofore) talked in detail how Työmarkkinatori uses AI in it’s services. They use natural language processing (NLP) to provide recommendations to users for filling job listing and user profiles.

Natural language processing (Heikki Niittylä, Gofore)

Työmarkkinatori services which uses NLP:

  • Skill & occupation recommendation
    • ESCO classification of skills, competences and occupations
  • Job posting – employee profile matching
    • Matching algorithm uses several techniques, some of them uses NLP
  • Detecting language skill requirements
    • Required language skills
    • Optional (valued) language skills
  • Service class recommendation
  • Keyword recommendation
    • e.g. “career planning”
    • Based on Annif, a tool created by Kansalliskirjasto

Examples of suggestions to users:

No Data, No AI

Jarl Matti Anttila, Chief Creative Officer (Jakamo) told about supply chain collaboration platform for manufacturing industries.

No data, no AI (Jarl Matti Anttila, Jakamo)

From Sustainable Principles to Sustainable MLOps

Satu Korhonen, ML Engineer (Solita) talked about sustainable MLOps.






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