Short notes on tech 24/2023

Software design

365 Days of iOS Accessibility
365DaysIOSAccessibility series that Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats posts to Mastodon and Twitter. (from iOS Dev Weekly)


Using Act to Run Github Actions Locally
Act could be the end of commit messages littering history that say, “Tweaked workflow file, again! Fingers crossed that it works this time!” This could change ten commits into one or two, and I can’t wait to try it.” (from iOS Dev Weekly)

How to get rid of AWS access keys- Part 1: The easy wins
“Learn how to identify unused and unnecessary long-lived IAM User access keys.” (from CloudSecList)

Web Design

What’s new in CSS and UI: I/O 2023 Edition
The top 20 CSS and UI features highlighted at Google I/O 2023 that you don’t want to miss. (from Web Design Weekly)

High-contrast — when you think dark mode is enough
“The importance of the high-contrast theme in interfaces and its differences from the dark theme” (from Web Design Weekly)






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