Short notes on tech 46/2023


Naming Variables In CSS
“Jonathan Dallas shares some thoughts related to naming CSS Custom Properties.” Good points and reminders how to write effective CSS. (from CSS Weekly)

Using CSS custom properties like this is a waste
“Kevin Powell explores how you can make your code a lot more efficient by leveraging pseudo-private custom properties.” (from CSS Weekly)

Start Styling Your console.log() Messages
“A guide on styling console.log() messages with format specifiers to get more distinguishable and organized console output.” Some old and sone new things how you can style your console output. Didn’t know you can write CSS for it 🤯 . (from CSS Weekly)

How to inspect HTML elements removed from the DOM
“Marcel Pociot shows a quick tip on properly inspecting and debugging elements that get removed from the DOM as soon as the element loses focus.” (from CSS Weekly)

Using CSS content-visibility to boost your rendering performance
“Rob O’Leary dives into the benefits and practical use cases of the content-visibility CSS property, as well as situations where it might not be the most suitable option.” (from CSS Weekly)






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