Short notes on tech 51/2023

This week short notes on tech is full of combination of software development (dev) and operations (ops).


Spoofing Microsoft Entra ID Verified Publisher Status
“It was possible to manipulate the consenting process of a legitimate verified publisher application to implant malicious unverified applications within a Microsoft Entra ID tenant.” (from CloudSecList)

A Comprehensive Guide to Testing in Terraform: Keep your tests, validations, checks, and policies in order
“You have many options to use when it comes to testing and validating your Terraform configurations and modules. The newest addition to these options is the native Terraform testing framework. This in combination with custom conditions, check blocks, and policies allow for creating robust infrastructure-as-code. This post is a comprehensive guide to testing and validation in Terraform.” (from CloudSecList)

The Complete Overview of Helm
“If you’re starting out with Kubernetes there are several tools that will come up pretty quickly. This post acts as an introduction to the Helm package manager, with examples of basic configuration and usage.” (from DevOps Weekly)

Solomon Hykes Discusses Dagger, DevOps, and Docker
“An interview focused on the evolution of Devops, and the Dagger project, which is allowing for CI infrastructure to be codified and run on popular CI platforms.” (from DevOps Weekly)

AWS Security Services Best Practices
“Best practices for configuring AWS security services. From the AWS team.” (from CloudSecList)

A Practical Guide to Debugging Browser Performance with OpenTelemetry (pdf)
“A good primer on web performance, covering Core Web Vitals and using open telemetry to collect information.” (from DevOps Weekly)

The Architecture of Serverless Data Systems
“An interesting, detailed, post on the architecture for modern cloud data systems.” (from DevOps Weekly)

An intuitive documentation strategy
“Good discussion of why developer documentation is important and tips for writing better docs.” (from DevOps Weekly)






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