Short notes on tech 16/2024


Processing Background Jobs: Lambda vs ECS vs ECS Fargate
Good article of comparing where to run background jobs and costs.

API observability fundamentals
A course on API observability, covering an introduction to OpenTelemetry as well as lots of API-specific topics.


Code Review Security Checklist
“A few handy checklists for security focused code review, for both server and frontend applications. Plus a discussion of security code reviews in general, including reference to threat modelling.” (from DevOps Weekly

Measuring Developer Productivity via Humans
Measuring developer productivity is easy to do, and hard to make useful. This post makes the case that qualitative metric might be more useful than quantitative.

Website that allows you to write or past in Python code and visualize its execution. It’s a great tool for learning how Python works and what happens as the code runs.

Quick tip: Python pretty print snippet for Visual Studio Code
For Pythonistas who use VS Code: “Specialized tools are helpful, but it’s the pretty print module that I go for when I need to debug a value in Python. I use a Visual Code (VS Code) snippet to load it quickly.”


Best Practices for Inclusive Design – Part 2
This article provides practical advice on creating inclusive digital content that provides the best experience for people with disabilities (and other groups too).

Dark Mode in 3 Lines of CSS and Other Adventures
This tutorial will look into different approaches, including some rad new CSS-features, that’ll allow you to ditch JavaScript.






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