Short notes on tech 6/2024


Continuous Integration
“An updated long-form post on continuous integration. Although not a new practice, it’s often misunderstood.”

Embracing the Future: DevOps in 2024
“Some predictions for Devops in 2024, focused on the continued move to the cloud, the importance of a security-first approach, AI/ML adoption and more.”

Web Design and Accessibility

12 Modern CSS One-Line Upgrades
“Sometimes, improving your application CSS just takes a one-line upgrade or enhancement! Learn about 12 properties to start incorporating into your projects, and enjoy reducing technical debt, removing JavaScript, and scoring easy wins for user experience.”

A Practical Introduction to Scroll-Driven Animations with CSS scroll() and view()
“Adam Argyle shows how you can add scroll animations that toggle shadows on navbars, reveal images, add scrollytelling, link up carousel elements, and much more using only CSS.” (from CSS Weekly)

Accessible notifications with ARIA Live Regions (Part 1)
“Sara Soueidan explains in detail how ARIA live regions work — the accessible notifications system that enables you to make dynamic web content more accessible to screen reader users.” (from CSS Weekly)


The LinkedIn DPH Framework
“The Developer Productivity and Happiness Framework is a useful set of documents formalising how to talk about and measure developer productivity and set goals to make improvements.” (from DevOps Weekly #681)


Syntax Error #11: Debugging Python
Good tips for debugging Python from print to debuggers like birdseye. (from Syntax Error)






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