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  • Automate versioning and changelog with release-it on GitLab CI/CD

    Automate versioning and changelog with release-it on GitLab CI/CD

    It’s said that you should automate all the things and one of the things could be versioning your software. Incrementing the version number in your e.g. package.json is easy but it’s easier when you bundle it to your continuous integration and continuous deployment process. There are different tools you can use to achieve your needs…

  • Automate validating code changes with Git hooks

    What could be more annoying than committing code changes to repository and noticing afterwards that formatting isn’t right or tests are failing? Your automated tests on Continuous Integration shows rain clouds and you need to get back to the code and fix minor issues with extra commits polluting the git history?… Jatka lukemista →

  • Best Practices for Version Control in 8 steps

    Best Practices for Version Control in 8 steps

    Using version control is an essential part of modern software development and using it efficiently should be part of every developer’s tool kit. Knowing the basic rules makes it even more useful. Here are some best practices that help you on your way. tl; dr; Commit logical changesets (atomic commits)Commit Early, Commit OftenWrite Reasonable Commit…

  • Git pre-commit and pre-receive hooks: validating YAML

    Software development has many steps which you can automate and one useful thing to automate is to add Git commit hooks to validate your commits to version control. Firing off custom client-side and server-side scripts when certain important actions occur. Validating commited files’ contents is important for syntax validity and even more when providing Spring…

  • Getting Git Right in Helsinki

    Getting Git Right in Helsinki

    Software development is fun if you have tools which work great and support what you’re doing. So it was finally great to get hear Sven Peters talking about better software development in teams as Atlassian’s Getting Git Right landed to Helsinki (24.11.2014). Event about Git and of course about Atlassian’s tools.… Jatka lukemista →