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  • Monthly Notes 38

    Monthly Notes 38

    Warm weather and cold Northern winds just call for a warm mug of cacao and something to read by the fireplace. Here’s monthly notes for February with topics from testing to software development project guidelines and from microservices to tips and tools. Also learning React App.

    Issue 38, 19.02.2019


    How to stop hating your tests
    I’m not a fan of extensive ui tests.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 36

    Holiday season is soon here and it’s good to take a short break from work and maybe learn or code some new things while relaxing and enjoying the winter time outside. Here’s the monthly notes for December. Happy holidays!

    Issue 36, 21.12.2018


    How to Exclude an App From Dark Mode in macOS Mojave
    “You can enable the old dark menu bar and dock look, you can also selectively exclude individual apps from dark mode.”… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 35

    December is just around the corner but before that here’s monthly notes for November. More about leadership and stories, something about software development.

    Issue 35, 13.11.2018


    CSS and Network Performance
    What are best network performance practices when it comes to loading CSS? How can we get to Start Render most quickly?… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 34

    Autumn is well on it’s way and winds are bringing rains and clouds to the sky. Autumn also means that meetups are awaken and interesting stories from the field are presented. Here’s monthly notes for September. Start with writing readable code, continue to build React app with TypeScript, read how hacker puzzles can be solved and improve your designs with tactics instead of talent.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 33

    Summer has turned to Autumn and it begins to show in the weather. Sun is setting earlier and soon it’s dark almost from dawn to dusk, rain clouds are gathering in the sky with cold winds. Good time to stay inside and read some articles and learn new things. Here’s the monthly notes for August.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 32

    Summer season is heating up and here’s the monthly notes for July. Something about JavaScript, little bit of design, touch of privacy and tools of the trade.

    Issue 32, 23.7.2018


    Defining Component APIs in React
    Collects some of the best practices for working with React. “The following is a collection of thoughts, opinions, and advice for defining component APIs that are meant to be more flexible, composable, and easier to understand.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 31

    The first part of Summer has been great and holiday season is near. Here’s monthly notes for June with topics of microservices, kubernetes, design patterns and stories of how Shopify and Airbnb build their services. Also some tools like Kap. Happy reading.

    Issue 31, 28.6.2018


    7 tips for effective microservices
    “Have a request-id/correlation-id for every request, Maintain backward compatibility of interfaces, Have a centralized logging system, Implement idempotency and retries, Be aware of language constraints, Have a single service to manage the system state, Strike a balance between in-memory-data and db persistence” (from The Microservice Weekly)


    AWS Workshop for Kubernetes
    “Self-paced workshop designed for Development and Operations teams who would like to leverage Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS).”… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 30

    Summer is approaching and even in Finland the weather is sunny and warm. I’ve been busy as the Enduro-MTB racing season has started and most weekends are spent at the race track. But here’s monthly notes for May with topics of state of the Web, how geolocation in browsers work, and something about tools.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 29

    This month’s notes are about front-end technologies: Sneak peek beyound React 16 and videos from Vue and Angular conferences. Also CSS Blocks + OptiCSS is great and for us in EU it’s nice that Fargate is finally available in Ireland. Check also list of important podcasts for software engineers.

    Issue 29, 29.4.2018


    Computer security principles
    One should keep in mind that there’s no such thing as perfect security.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 28

    Monthly notes 28

    Winter refuses to make way for the Spring and March in Southern Finland has been quite cold despite warm and rainy week which melted away some of the already scarce snow. So, skiing mainly on artificial snow and mountainbiking on icy paths which is nice. But this also leaves time to read what has happened on software development field.… Jatka lukemista