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  • JSF 1.2 and getting selected value from dropdown

    JSF 1.2 has some weird features which you just have to know if you haven’t read the documents. One example is getting a value from h:selectOneMenu dropdown after onchange event. The first what comes to mind is to use binding attribute with RichFaces’ a4j:support for rerendering elements after the event but it doesn’t work like…

  • Exclude JQuery libraries from Eclipse’s JavaScript Validation

    Eclipse likes to validate JavaScript when doing Dynamic Web Modules and thus may give you false positive validation errors on 3rd party JavaScript libraries like JQuery. Although you can turn off the validation altogether but better solution is to configure it to exclude files as Alexander shows us at Stackoverflow.… Jatka lukemista →

  • Using RichFaces 3 dataScroller and dataTable -components

    RichFaces provides some nice AJAX-components for Java Server Faces but the documentation and examples could be better. RichFaces has great documentation compared to some other frameworks but it could be better with adding a little bit of real world and down to earth examples. So here is one example of using RichFaces dataScroller and dataTable…