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  • Monthly notes 16

    Monthly notes 16

    February in monthly notes looks into what you should think about when using Facebook, suggests you to read “Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)” by George Orwell and tells you 13 things you should give up if you want to be successful. Also it’s worth checking out Vue.js, use Git standup for daily Scrums and enhance your application accessibility.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 15

    This time in monthly notes we cover design trends for interfaces, Apple steps up to iOS user interface templates game, learn Flexbox and Redux, something about microservices with Docker and see what GitHub has learned about CSP.

    Issue 15, 28.1.2017

    User Interfaces

    Review of Popular Design Trends for Interfaces in 2016
    What should apps look like in 2017?… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 14

    Before opening the Christmas presents it’s time to check what’s in the monthly notes in December. This year there’s not much extra holidays so use them wisely :) Merry Christmas!

    Issue 14, 23.12.2016


    Angular 2 is terrible
    I haven’t used Angular 2 enough to have strong opinions about it but looks like the Internet has.… Jatka lukemista

  • Weekly notes 12

    Late Autumn and rain has arrived to Finland and now we have good reason to stay at home and read about new ideas and what happens in technology.

    Weekly notes, issue 12, 30.10.2016

    Learning new things

    Cyber Security Base with F‑Secure
    Free and open course to learn about tools used to analyse flaws in software systems, necessary knowledge to build secure software systems, the skills needed to perform risk and threat analysis on existing systems and the relevant legislation within EU.… Jatka lukemista

  • Weekly notes 11

    Weekly notes 11

    This time weekly notes provides pointers to last weeks JavaOne, teaches you to design better forms, tells about 171 words every programmer should understand and how to learn something about psychology which might help to understand yourself and maybe also users. And last but not least the documentary of last year’s Transcontinental 2015 tells a story of awesome cyclist who ride across Europe to Istanbul.… Jatka lukemista

  • Weekly notes 10

    Weekly notes 10

    Summer has been relative nice this far even here in Finland and my short holiday is just couple of days away. But before that it’s time to check this years Java tools and technologies landscape report, get some useful plugins for Atom, start developing a React application with no configuration and read about the benefits of Serverless architecture.… Jatka lukemista

  • Weekly notes 9

    Summer is here and mountain biking trails are calling but keeping up with what happens in the field never stops. This week Apple had their worldwide developers conference which filled up social media although didn’t present anything remarkable. In the other news there was good collection of slides for Java developers, ebook for DevOps and HyperDev looks interesting for quickly bang out JavaScript.… Jatka lukemista

  • Weekly notes 8

    The Spring has been quite busy at work but Summer is just around the corner and that means either holidays or having some time to learn new things and see how things could be make better. My weekly notes has turned out to be monthly notes but that’s how things sometimes work out.… Jatka lukemista

  • Weekly notes 7

    Easter and couple of days of free time is good for taking a break from the routines or finally have some time to develop your personal pet projects. At least my Highkara news reader for iOS needs some UI tests for screenshots and maybe I get to finish my imgur app for tvOS.… Jatka lukemista

  • Weekly notes 6

    This year has started slowly and weekly notes has frozen to monthly notes. This time they tell us i.a. how to put Spring Boot in Docker, useful features of Java EE 7, ponder what all there’s to do to launch your mobile app, read tips how to get better with Node.js… Jatka lukemista