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  • Monthly notes 46

    December is full Christmas carrols and hassle before holidays. So, take a short break and learn to master Kubernetes, become better human and developer and make remote (working) a success. Also think about privacy. Good reading and happy holidays!

    Issue 46, 17.12.2019


    Mastering the KUBECONFIG file
    Good tips like Auto-$KUBECONFIG based on directory with direnv; Know which context you’re pointing at with kube-ps1; Save GKE contexts to separate files.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 45

    Snow is covering the ground and hibernation period starts? Or more time inside reading and learning new things? Here’s monthly notes for Octorber.

    Issue 45, 30.10.2019

    Software Development

    What qualities make up a 1x engineer?
    I can relate to this.

    My favourite Git commit
    Good example how git commit messages should be done especially if the change is ambiguous.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 44

    Monthly notes 44

    Summer holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work and monthly notes. I spent almost whole August enjoying nature, mountain biking, hiking and coaching young mountainbikers. Less computers, more relaxing. This month’s notes are about writing great Docker images, validate code using git hooks, log management, story about npm registry, working remotely and effective Kotlin.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 43

    Monthly notes 43

    Issue 43, 25.7.2019


    How to write great container images
    Article shows the principles of what writes consider “Dockerfile best practices”, and simultaneously walks through them with a real example. I would add that use small base image like Alpine Linux if possible.

    Micro Frontends
    The article describes breaking up frontend monoliths into many smaller, more manageable pieces, and how this architecture can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams working on frontend code.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 42

    Monthly notes 42

    Midsummer is couple of days away and it’s time to take a short break from work and enjoy the Summer nights and nature. And if you have time here is a short list of articles to read and videos from React Finland 2019 conference to watch.

    Issue 42, 20.6.2019

    Software Development

    Consulting or con-$ulting
    A theory on how Hertz’s inexperience in buying software — combined with Accenture’s incompetence to deliver it — flushed $32M+ down the drain.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly Notes 41

    Issue 41, 31.5.2019

    Software development

    If not considering the issue on Bamboo with this (thread), Using Emojis in Git commit messages is a nice idea. There’s even cool emoji guide for your commit messages. Going to take this into use 😊 (from walokra)

    Happy Friday, Don’t push to production?Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 40

    Refactoring, computer science concepts on day job, doing better code reviews, battling CSS and watching cat videos. That’s Monthly notes for April. Not much so enjoy slowly :)

    Issue 40, 4.2019


    Refactoring.Guru makes it easy for you to discover everything you need to know about refactoring, design patterns, SOLID principles and other smart programming topics.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 39

    Spring is just around the corner with sun warming our souls and calling us to go outside. Here’s monthly notes for March with topics from software development rewrite stories to code quality and OWASP videos.

    Issue 39, 22.03.2019

    Software development

    Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories
    Insightful rewrite stories of i.a.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly Notes 38

    Monthly Notes 38

    Warm weather and cold Northern winds just call for a warm mug of cacao and something to read by the fireplace. Here’s monthly notes for February with topics from testing to software development project guidelines and from microservices to tips and tools. Also learning React App.

    Issue 38, 19.02.2019


    How to stop hating your tests
    I’m not a fan of extensive ui tests.… Jatka lukemista

  • Monthly notes 37

    January is turning over to February and Winter with freezing weather and lots of snow has enlightened our days. Here’s some reading for the moments when Winter wonderland is too much and warm mug of coffee and fireplace is the place to be.

    Issue 37, 31.1.2019

    Web and mobile development

    PWAs on iOS 12.2 beta: the good, the bad, and the “not sure yet if good”
    “The first beta of iOS 12.2: the first version since PWA support that responds to all the critics by offering solutions to the two biggest problems on PWAs on iOS.”… Jatka lukemista