Recap of 2023

Short recap of writings in 2023: 12 blog posts, 7 of them short notes. I managed to write couple of more detailed post and here’s my favorite ones of them with short recap.

Notes from axe-con 2023: Building accessible experiences

My notes from axe-con 2023 which is world’s largest digital accessibility conference.


a11y tools:

Developing with Accessibility in mind

Article covers some resources and tools which you can use to test your web application or application for accessibility.


Analyzing Webpack bundles

Presents tools to analyze and visualize the Webpack bundles.


AI Forum webinar 13.4.2023

My notes from “AI Forum webinar: Experiences of top companies on artificial intelligence” which had four interesting company representatives, from companies that develop and apply artificial intelligence, sharing their expertise and experiences on today’s topical AI themes.





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