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  • Short notes on tech 13/2022

    Learning Personal Goal Setting Playbook“Setting personal goals can be used in many contexts to help people achieve tasks, objectives or improvements of any kind, big or small.” Design A Designer’s Guide to Documenting Accessibility & User Interactions Understanding Figma’s interactive components feature (from WDRL) Backend How to design better APIs15 language-agnostic, actionable tips on REST…

  • Short notes on tech 10/2022

    Week 10 of 2022 Web development The State of JavaScript 2021 Survey Results“69% use TypeScript; React held the top spot for 6 years; Vue.js is on track to overtake Angular as the second place framework; 2021 has been the year of Vite with 98% satisfaction.” (from WDW) The baseline for web development in 2022“Now that…

  • Short notes on tech 7/2022

    Short notes on tech, week 7 of 2022 Software development Frontend Predictions for 2022The return of micro-frontends, functional JavaScript & the death of Jamstack as we know it. (from Web Design Weekly) Cloud AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Review“If you are considering going with EKS, understand you are going to need to spend a lot…

  • Short notes on tech 5/2022

    Software development How to tame the devDependencies of your project?tl;dr; Use mrm. trpc“tRPC allows you to easily build & consume fully typesafe APIs, without schemas or code generation.” Cypress vs Selenium vs Playwright vs Puppeteer speed comparisontl;dr; Playwright is faster vs. Cypress. There’s a good thread of Playwright vs.… Jatka lukemista →

  • Short notes on tech 2/2022

    Week 2 of 2022 JavaScript for impatient programmers“This book makes JavaScript less challenging to learn for newcomers, by offering a modern view that is as consistent as possible.” Software architecture patternsTake a deep dive into several common software architecture patterns. Checklist DesignA collection of the best design practices.… Jatka lukemista →

  • Short notes on tech 50/2021

    Week 50 of 2021 Developer Tools secrets that shouldn’t be secretsWrite-up of a talk at CityJS covering i.a. console.log and VS Code. (from Web Design Weekly) 2021 Design Tools SurveyOverview of the most used design tools during 2021 Meet The Man Who Shoots At Birds All Day To Keep Them Off A Toxic Pit“If migrating…

  • Short notes on tech 45/2021

    Week 45 of 2021 Software Development Software Architecture Patterns: 5 minute readSome of the most important parts of the Software Architecture Patterns by Mark Richards. (from Hackernewsletter) React Aria: A headless UI component libraryA library of React Hooks that provides accessible UI primitives for your design system.… Jatka lukemista →

  • Short notes on tech 42/2021

    Week 42 of 2021 Software development How to win at CORSInteractive learning of CORS with The CORS Playground. Cloud No, we don’t use KubernetesAbly runs a large scale production infrastructure with Docker but uses “just” AWS EC2 instances and writes about should they use Kubernetes as their primary deployment platform at some point.… Jatka lukemista →

  • Short notes on tech 37/2021

    Week 37 of 2021 Software development Give me /events, not webhooks“This post clearly explains the benefits of using an /events endpoint + long polling. Simpler and more reliable than webhooks. On the web we don’t have much of a choice, most platforms support webhooks and few support event streams. For internal applications don’t go with…

  • Short notes on tech 28/2021

    Week 28 of 2021 CSS CSS system colors“Jim Nielsen reveals the system colors we can use in CSS and how useful this can be for light and dark mode themes.” (from WDRL) Cloud The Gamer Guide to Playing Amazon Web Services (AWS)“This is such a nice article, sharing a getting started guide for AWS, in…