• Quick Howto: Setting up SNMP and MRTG

    This article might be a bit outdated on some parts but just Google if problems arise.

    SNMP and MRTG graphs

    Statistics and graphs are nice way to follow what the machine is doing. Just a little bit of configuration and scripts you can use f. ex. servers’, routers’ and firewalls’ operational statistical data from their Object Identifiers (OID) with the help of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Management Information Base (MIB) which define the available OID functions.… Jatka lukemista

  • Tuning Apache, PHP and MySQL

    Normally putting up a web server with PHP and database is easy and the default settings are enough but sometimes there is need for tuning the performance. The server might be low on memory and the CPU and has (too) many things to handle. Also it is good to know how things work.… Jatka lukemista

  • Syslog-ng and connections exceeded error

    Couple of days ago I updated my home Gentoo box and after that syslog-ng was too full of connections. As always the remedy was near.

    If you have app-admin/syslog-ng-2.0.4 and get errors like

    syslog-ng[8827]: Number of allowed concurrent connections exceeded; num=’10’, max=’10’

    to the syslog then read this helpfull topic from Gentoo forums.… Jatka lukemista

  • GWN: Do it all, minus one.

    Earlier this year there was some problems updating packages and I used package.mask to get over it. There is also a better way to handle this so that the package is not updated until it’s really needed.

    Gentoo Weekly Newsletter: 7 May 2007 writes about user’s problem with keeping a specific version of MythTV.… Jatka lukemista

  • The Rule of Tech: everything and nothing

    The first post of a blog is always more or less about “Hello World!” and “Look at our new and shiny blog”. This time this “Hello World!” post is about “The Rule of Tech” which means everything and nothing.

    As thousands and thousands of other meaningless blogs also “The Rule of Tech” blog has no real function about giving something special or informative to the blogging community or the Web altogether.… Jatka lukemista